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Sensei Haydn Foster Course


Sensei Haydn Foster (7th Dan, I.O.A) visited the Coventry Phoenix dojo 2 weeks ago, 20th and 21st October 2007. His visits are always really enjoyable and special to us, a date on our Aikido calendar that is not to be missed.

We first met with Mr. Foster when Frank Burlingham of Broadland Aikido club had the idea of arranging a course to be instructed by Sensei Foster, Sensei William Smith and Sensei Tom Moss, notoriously called The Big 3. Sadly, Sensei Smith and Sensei Moss are no longer with us, but the courses still run, now named The Lowestoft Course, and next year will be the 10th (the date for 2008 will be confirmed shortly). Mr. Foster has been visiting our dojo every year since we first met him. This year he was joined in his visit by Frank Burlingham, William Timms and Ali Khan.

As usual it was a great get together and he taught us in his usual relaxed style, with open hand techniques on Saturday and Bokken work, “eventually” on Sunday morning. I say eventually, as the weekend coincided with the Coventry marathon, which caused mayhem on the roads, resulting in us arriving at the dojo thirty minutes late! Not to worry: Mr. Foster was quite happy to continue teaching a little later, so no harm was done in the end. Hopefully, next year we will manage to avoid a repeat performance!

Mr. Foster finished with some kind words about the Yama Arashi UK. He said that he recognised “so many many faces” each time he visited and told how it was a credit to us: to Sensei Moss, the instructors, and the loyalty of so many club members, particularly the Dan grades. A great weekend!

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