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Gwynne Jones Sensei, 8th Dan Shin Gi Tai

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Members of the Phoenix Aikido Club were honoured to have a visit to our dojo by Gwynne Jones Sensei on the 10th and 11th May 2008. Mr Jones Sensei, from Burry Port, South Wales, is an 8th Dan and Principal of the Shin Gi Tai association. This was his third consecutive visit to the Phoenix club, a date on our calendar that we all look forward to.

The mat was full of members from various grades on both Saturday and Sunday. Mr Jones Sensei emphasised the importance of Ki within the art and demonstrated this and the other “main principles of Aikido” to include “the most important technique”, which he explained was the ability to avoid the attack by moving the body (irimi). He spoke about applying technique with “weight underside” and the importance of being relaxed in order to achieve this.

Mr Jones said that he never prepares a class in order to keep an open flexible mind. He went on to say that this allows (with plenty of practice of course) for Aikido to become a sub-conscious automatic reflex or muscle memory.

The course was delivered with his usual great sense of humour which kept us all smiling throughout the two days. It was very enjoyable and a lot was learnt. If you are interested in attending a class with Mr Jones, the Shin Gi Tai summer school is held over the August bank holiday weekend and following week.

Joanne, 1st Kyu

[Admin Note: Visit the Gallery to see photographs from Mr. Jones visit.]

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