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Dan Gradings 2009,

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The sun shone again this year for the Dan Gradings at the Phoenix Aikido Club. All those who were not directly involved could relax and watch proceedings. This was very welcome after the six full hours of training on the Friday and Saturday at the traditional pre-grading course.

The course itself was great, with the usual crowd from Coventry, Stratford and Milton Keynes. We even had some visitors from Wales and Scotland. Mark, a student of Sensei Gwynne Jones claimed to have been “thrown in at the deep end, when asked to deliver part of the course on Saturday’s session. He needn’t have worried  though, as he showed us some great techniques.

The atmosphere was really good on Friday and Saturday and as Sensei Barbara Moss commented on Sunday, it was good to see so many of the advanced junior members on the mat…their Aikido is progressing really well and they really are so much fitter than us!!

There were only four students grading this year. Two taking their first Dans and two for second Dan. They had all worked really hard during the months prior to the grading and three passed at the end of it. The person that didn’t is one of the most positive people I know and I think I will compare his attitude to ARNIES ” I’ll be back”. He will be.

It was off to The Bell Inn at Monks Kirby, in the afternoon where we all had a good meal and one or two drinks to celebrate! It will be nice to see Mo and Dave next week on the mat in their hakamas. No doubt they will be made to do some techniques to include knee walking!


Joanne Mackinnon (1st Dan 2008)

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