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Friendship Course 15th/16th March

Barbara Moss

Friendship course 15th and 16th March 2014, Coventry.

After a hassle-free journey thanks to fast and powerful cars and the Eurotunnel crossing, Sensei Citti, Hauzeur and Thielemans, joined by his wife, and Quentin, were greeted by Barbara Moss, 6th Dan and Principal of Yama-Arashi Coventry. With her were a few Dan Grades, including Ric Costigan, 5th Dan, instructor at Yama-Arashi Coventry and founder of Yama-Arashi in Stratford-upon-Avon. Sensei Roget Hannoset, also instructor at Yama-Arashi Budo College Belge, was meant to be part of this congregation from Belgium but had to cancel at the last minute due to stomach flu.

Over the weekend, the above instructors (Citti, Costigan, Hauzeur, Moss and Thielemans) as well as Brian Kennedy, 5th Dan, taught various techniques to around 40 dan grades and kyu grades. It was under the umbrella of friendship that an exchange of opinions on how to execute a technique was held, which everyone found very interesting. The atmosphere was cheerful and humorous. We could all appreciate the excellent work on the mat and in particular Barbara Moss’ whose aikido is fluid, round, effective and beautiful to watch.

Saturday evening we went to a Chinese restaurant and on Sunday evening to a traditional pub. The hotel we spent the 3 nights in was perfect with a swimming pool, sauna, gym, etc. We were definitely spoilt.

This friendship course ended with Barbara Moss handing out beautiful gifts; there was even one, engraved, for Roger Hannoset. We also had an emotional thought for Tom Moss, Barbara’s deceased husband and founder of the Club. A symbolic thought from his students is that they have left Tom’s black belt hanging in the corner of the changing room where he would get changed. This weekend spent together will stay with us forever, in our minds and our hearts.

Thank you very much, Barbara and all the members from Yama-Arashi Coventry.

Mr Tony Thielemans

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