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Dan Gradings 16th-18th September 2016

Barbara Moss

Congratulations to all those promoted at the recent Dan Grading. Unfortunately there were two members who sustained injuries close to the weekend so were unable to grade. This was very disappointing for them but hopefully they will both be back training before too long. We have two new 1st dans and two new 2nd dans. Dean Simpson from Scotland Yama Arashi was promoted to 3rd Dan and Steve Thompson and Colin Garner were awarded 5th Dan. All gradings very well deserved.

We all had a very enjoyable weekend with lots of training before Sunday. It was a pleasure to catch up with friends who took the trouble to travel to share the weekend with us and also Dean’s members, Neil and Emma from Glasgow. 50 of us celebrated at the Holiday Inn Stratford upon Avon afterwards.

My thanks to everyone who supported the weekend to make it a special one and to the instructors for their hard work during the last months.

Photos will be in the gallery at a later date.

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