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How To Stay Motivated With Exercise

It can be very difficult to stay motivated with exercise over a long period of time, which is why many people begin a programme and then give up after a few weeks. Here are a few tips that you might find useful:

  1. Remember, exercise is for life so you need to be disciplined. If you wait until you feel like it you will never do it. Getting to a class is the hard bit, and you will usually feel much better after the session.
  2. If you want to lose, or control your weight, you need aerobic exercise together with some specific conditioning work to see results.
  3. Be patient! Don’t be obsessed with the scales, but concentrate on feeling better in yourself as you become fitter, and the rest will come later. You should start to feel fitter in about 6 weeks.
  4. Don’t try too much too soon. If you are new to exercise and you start working out every day, you will get burnt out and feel like giving up. Start with one or two sessions per week and build up gradually.
  5. If you always attend the same class, then maybe try a change. But remember, if you move on to a more advanced class it will be hard going for the first few weeks. Be patient; set your own goals and progress gradually.
  6. Remember, if it’s too easy too soon, it’s usually not worth doing.
  7. Try and be as active as possible generally. Always think about your posture in your daily life, as this will not only help the way you look but also help with back and shoulder problems, etc.
  8. If you are trying to lose weight try to exercise at last 3 times per week. Regular exercise is no good on its own, you need to watch what you eat as exercising can also make you hungry!
  9. Sometimes, you will have a bad night and feel despondent. This is normal. Keep at it and the next time hopefully you will enjoy it more.
  10. Finally, if you need any advice about your exercise programme, please feel free to speak either to myself, Lisa or Natalie.

Thank you for your continued support.


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