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Yama Arashi Brussels Newsletter Excerpt

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Yama Arashi Brussels Newsletter – A rough translation of Sensei Thielemans’ report.

SPECIAL COURSE OF AIKIDO OF 14 and October 15 at Budokan and visiting delegations from YAMA-ARASHI COVENTRY, YAMA-ARASHI ANTWERPEN and AKTERNAT THEO WALRAVENS In front of a very large audience it was announced as the final course of Tony Thielemans. No fewer than 16 practitioners of Yama-Arashi Coventry in England had made the trip to participate in these lessons. There was also a delegation of practitioners Yama-Arashi Antwerp and another club Ternat. Also some professors, students and black belts of Yama-Arashi Brussels but also members of other clubs and their friends. Such as Professor Paul Van Lierde, who begun at the Yama-Arashi at the age of 15 years and is now 5th dan. Among the spectators were also many teachers from the provinces such as Mr. Carlo Van Parijs Liege and Mr. Theo Walraven Ternat. We also had the presence of sympathetic Vandermoten Mr Christian’s Sports Service of the City of Brussels. We can’t name all those who were either on the tatami, or in assistance, for example, Professor John Jeurissen, 6th Dan Judo President ABAMJ. Budokan F and representative but we would like to thank all those who have written, phoned or sent an email to ensure their support. During these courses, we had the opportunity to admire the technical excellence of our British friends whose education is under the direction of Ms. Barbara Moss, 5th dan who showed a magnificent aiki-nage. Also Jean Trembloy, which in addition to his 5th dan aikido 5th dan is also iai-do and 4th dan jodo, gave us a beautiful demonstration of kata Jodo (stick) and explained the basics for a few moments this session. At the end of the course of 14 October Grev Cooke, Brian Kennedy and Ric Costigan and to Mr. Gil Graff, who began the study of Aikido in our Club in 1964 were awarded the rank of fifth Dan. The rank of 4th dan was awarded to Messrs Ivan Dhondt and Philippe Leboeuf and we have to honour the memory of Francis Speliers by awarding him posthumously the rank of 6th Dan. A reception hosted by the President, Mrs. Joel Thielemans and Marie-José Servay committee member, and we were pleased to have the presence of Mr. Mayor Freddy Thielemans. This closed this memorable evening. The next day, after class, a banquet was held that brought together 25 guests who celebrated the end of two days together with members of Yama-Arashi Coventry.

I want to thank you again for the wonderful gifts that were offered to me and want to say that if I do no more courses for physical reasons, it do not mean my retirement and I continue my work for the dissemination of martial arts and prosperity of Yama-Arashi Tony Thielemans

Brussels 2010

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Diary of Events (Grev Cooke, 5th Dan)

Thursday 14th October

Day 1:

We all met at the airport nice and early so it must be a beer or three before we go – good start

Small hiccup with the train into Brussels but much too complicated for me to explain so you will have to ask ‘El Presidente’.

Short walk to the hotel that surprisingly was the old Red Lion, an old haunt of ours.

Then true to tradition a visit for more real beer in the ‘stuffed horse’ real name the King of Spain in the main square.

Later we all went to Thielemans official last session and it was really good after so many years, to see him taking the class. His points were all back to basics and delivered in his usual style. Nice to see some old friends after such a long time.

Then, the bombshell. He awarded me, Bri and Ric our 5th Dan’s, what a pleasant surprise! Barb then told us all the ins and outs of how she organised it, she must have been bursting holding it in.

After the class, they had laid on a buffet, which allowed some more beer and chatting time. Then off to the other watering hole ‘Le Coq’. There are so many stories that have involved this pub, I wouldn’t know where to start.

We left Le Coq about 2:30am to get some chips at Fritland. Fritland has always been open for virtually 24 hours but now it closes at 1:00am. What a disappointment. We had to make do with a McDonalds!

 Friday 15th October

Day 2:

Most made breakfast, then a wander around Brussels and looked at the old Dojo in ‘Sablon’. Again, so many happy memories. A bit of shopping, more beer then off to the evening class. A similar class as the Thursday with Ric, Barb and me showing a technique. Loads of faults pointed out by Thielemans except for Barb who did one of the best techniques he had seen, so much micky taking ensued.

After the class, we all went for a meal accompanied by Thielemans and about a dozen of his friends. The meal finished around midnight so off to Le Coq but as its now like a student hangout, it was bursting at the seams, so we just found a quieter bar to finish off the night.

 Saturday 16th October

Early breakfast so we could catch the train in plenty of time. At the airport we indulged in some more beer and shopping. Due to the long customs check we only just managed to get to get on the plane. Arrived back in Birmingham around midday. Such a lot to do in so short a time but for those that have been before a trip down memory lane and for the first timers they can now understand that some of our stories may be true!

 It brought home to me how things are constantly changing and we have to move on. It was nice to be present at Thielemans last class and receive my 5th Dan from him but it means more to me to receive it from Barbara. Tom was my mentor and Thielemans was his. Now Barbara is my mentor (whether she likes it or not) as she is for all our other YAUK members.

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