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October Half term 27th-31st 2014 Junior timetable

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

The following junior classes only will be on during the above holiday week.

Friday 31st- 6.15-7.15 (no 5.15 class)

Saturday 1st November- Both classes as normal.

No classes on Tuesday and Wednesday (28th & 29th)

Dan grading Weekend September 2014

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

The Yama Arashi Dan Grades are the highlight of the Club and are held every September. The weekend started with a 2-hour course taken by Sensei Barbara on the Friday evening. The candidates for second Dan (Rod Meechan and Paul Totterdell) also demonstrated a few techniques. A few of us then headed down the local pub for some refreshments. On Saturday we trained from 2-6pm with the teaching shared between Senseis Barbara, Ric and Brian; and again after the course we headed down the local pub, albeit a different one… Then the big day arrived. Whilst Barbara and a few helpers got the place ready by putting chairs outside for the audience and laying some drinks and snacks in the other room, Istvan ensured the big mat was swept clean and carried out his usual inspection. This year, there were two candidates for Nidan (Rod and Paul) though none for Shodan. So we had a bit of a practice and then the gradings kicked off. They were to demonstrate many techniques, open-handed, with the Boken and the Jo, as well as the usual keiko. After a few tense minutes when the panel convened in another other room (no… not the one with the drinks and snacks!), the candidates were relieved to be informed they had both passed. But there was more to come! After awarding both Paul and Rod with their second Dan, Sensei Barbara announced that more gradings would be awarded. And the first one was Charlie Reid who was awarded his third Dan. Charlie provided a lot of support to the Club over the past few years covering the Tuesday class. A few months ago, he had to undergo some surgery and was back on the mat well before the doctors had recommended, to Chrissie’s delight as apparently he is not a good patient! Mike Mitchell from Keihatsu Aikido Club Milton Keynes, was also awarded his third Dan, for all the hard work he has put into the running of the Club and for providing support to Kevan Poundes. And there was one more… It seems odd since I am writing this article, but the final grading of the day was awarded, well, to me! I feel extremely humble to have been awarded my fourth Dan and iIn all honesty it still hasn’t sunk in After a few photos, we all headed to the Holiday Inn in Stratford for a 3-course meal. The food was very nice indeed and there was a lovely big garden which backed on to the river. And without fail, the sun was out as it always is every year we hold this very special weekend.

Christelle Kennedy

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