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Yama Arashi Budokan»

Palais du Midi»
Rue Roger van der Weyden, 3 bte.1
1000 Bruxelles

To date there are three clubs that are affiliated with the Coventry Phoenix, and who operate under the »Yama Arashi UK Association umbrella.

Stratford Phoenix Aikido Club»

Stratford Leisure & Visitor Centre»
CV37 6YY

Keihatsu Aikido Club»

Stantonbury Campus Leisure Centre»
Saxon Street
Milton Keynes
MK14 6BN

Comrie Aikido Club»

Comrie Community Centre»
The White Church
Dunira Street

Aikido Associations

United Kingdom Aikikai»
The UKA was formed in 1986 by William Smith Sensei MBE» and other senior teachers, all with at least 25 years experience in teaching aikido. The UKA is directly affiliated to the »Hombu Dojo in Tokyo which is the world headquarters of Aikido.
Institute of Aikido»
In 1973 Hayden Foster Sensei» formed the Institute of Aikido based at The Hut dojo, where he has been teaching ever since. The Institute is a founding member of the British Aikido Board.
British Aikido Board»
The »Yama Arashi UK is affiliated to the British Aikido Board, which is recognised by »Sports England (formerly known as the British Sports Council) as the only governing body for Aikido in the United Kingdom.

Aikido Clubs

Broadlands Aikido Club»
The Broadlands Aikido Club is run by Frank Burlingham Sensei. Since 1998 the club has hosted the very successful Lowestoft Course (formerly known as the »Big Three).
Shima Arashi Aikido»
The Shima Arashi Aikido Club is a non-profit club run by former Phoenix Aikido student Jason Bird. They are currently fundraising to try and secure a new permanent dojo near their current location in Portland, Dorset.
The proceeds of all fund raising events at the Phoenix Aikido and Fitness Club go to the NSPCC Childline Charity.

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